We’ve come a long way from the classic Chinese take-away around the corner and that one spring roll stand in town. Nowadays, we have Sushi, Ramen, Poke Bowls, Pho’s, Banh Mi's, Korean BBQ, and Thai Curries everywhere we look. When it comes to savory Asian treats, we have plenty to choose from. But uh, where are all the sweet goodies at? It’s time we take you on a mind-bending journey to experience the Aisu side of Asia.

Aisu is the first Asian inspired ice cream...

...to take you on a sweet trip to the Far East in one bite. Treat your taste buds to an adventurous afterparty with flavors that make your toes curl like a purring cat. Discover pieces of buttery pecan floating in a river of pandan, get lost in Bangkok peanut & salted caramel, and follow a path of crunchy cookies back to the pot of golden sesame.

100% Vegan

Traditionally prepared and 100% Vegan, this ice-cold Asian delicacy will melt your heart and leave you shivering with pleasure without a shred of guilt. There’s nothing stopping you from hitting that sweet spot again and again and again…..

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